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Let’s talk about the ‘glamorous’ life of a ‘Mobile DJ’. Here’s the breakdown of my ‘day’ playing a Wedding. Load equipment, which needs to be stored safely & correctly (temperature wise). Time? 30 minutes…or so, in good weather. Drive TO the event. Now…’an hour’ is like ‘around the block’ for me in Vermont. But let’s […]
If…you’re wondering ‘How do you know all of the info to the right & below? It’s because I was considering ‘outsourcing’ my own wedding, which happened on June 28, 2012 & went ‘shopping’ for a Wedding DJ. So..all the info to the right & below comes from me to you, not to sell myself, but […]
Before you enter…a few words from a Pro who’s played over 1,000 weddings. Well worth your time. A. I’ve played wedding receptions that cost $500+/guest, in extravagant locations & venues. B. I’ve played wedding receptions that cost $0.00/guest, where all the food, bevvies, ice, etc. were prepared & brought in BY the guests, an hour before the […]