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Before you enter…a few words from a Pro who’s played over 1,000 weddings. Well worth your time. A. I’ve played wedding receptions that cost $500+/guest, in extravagant locations & venues. B. I’ve played wedding receptions that cost $0.00/guest, where all the food, bevvies, ice, etc. were prepared & brought in BY the guests, an hour before the… Continue reading Wedding Planning
If…you’re wondering ‘How do you know all of the info to the right & below? It’s because I was considering ‘outsourcing’ my own wedding, which happened on June 28, 2012 & went ‘shopping’ for a Wedding DJ. So..all the info to the right & below comes from me to you, not to sell myself, but… Continue reading Common DJ Pricing Scams
Let’s talk about the ‘glamorous’ life of a ‘Mobile DJ’. Here’s the breakdown of my ‘day’ playing a Wedding. Load equipment, which needs to be stored safely & correctly (temperature wise). Time? 30 minutes…or so, in good weather. Drive TO the event. Now…’an hour’ is like ‘around the block’ for me in Vermont. But let’s… Continue reading Our Wedding Day