DJ Robert


Additional Hours: $250

+ T&E where indicated

5 straight hours playtime + lights + unlimited music choices + MC Duties + Liability Insurance
Within 60 miles/1 hour – surcharge after that
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DJ Paul
Weddings from $1500
12 years Mobile DJ Experience, my backup & very well reviewed!
Paul employs top quality Audio & Lights, wireless mic & offers unlimited music choices ahead of time.
DJ Bobby
Weddings from $1000
Parties from $500
+T&E where indicated
My latest ‘intern/trainee’, Bobby (no, not my son) is a music major, accomplished guitar player (yes, he can do ‘acoustic’ at your wedding) & is heading into his second year with me.

He uses same quality EV audio, Chauvet lights & legal music as I do & I’ve trained him well. I coach him through each event.

Bobby is a great choice for ‘more casual’ events & weddings