I am fully vaxed, now & plan to be in the future. Since 30-40 days per year I am exposed to wedding (event) guests from all over the USA (& often the world), I am very careful about ‘contact’ & testing after an event. If I work on Friday, I am testing on Sunday. If I work a double, I test two days after the first event. I am not concerned nor care if you and/or your guests are ‘anti-vaxers’, I follow my own regimen.  You will often see me cleaning my hands at events with a pump bottle of anti-bacterial solution. I have it in my truck, my home, my studio & use it vicariously.

Should I test positive, I then wait 12 hours & re-test and if positive again, I will inform you of that. I will then advise it’s unsafe for me to play at your event & if Paul is booked, direct you to different DJ booking sites to find a replacement. While 4-5 days is tight, I get the same calls, all the time, from venues & brides/grooms that ‘our DJ had to cancel’. I don’t ask why, but if I can fill in, I do.

While Vermont is one of the lowest per capita states for Covid cases & Covid deaths, the USA averages 40 deaths per day so far this year. That’s 1200/month. And just last week, I received a call from a bride that ‘her father tested positive AFTER he traveled (on a plane) back to his home, in another state. So, not only was the entire guest list informed, I advised her to call the venue too. And how about that plane full of passengers?

I plan on doing everything I can NOT to be one of the 40 due to die tomorrow. And that includes keeping YOU & your GUESTS & the VENUE STAFF safe too.