Can I bring music to Ceremony or Reception?

No. Yes. Well, let’s put it this way. It’d be much better for you to email me an MP3 file at least a day before your event, so I can download it, ‘preview’ it & know (1) the file is free from any ‘bots’ or viruses & (2) how I need to ‘cue’ it and/or (3) adjust treble/base for the cut. But if you need to supply us with your own recorded ‘song’ or a friend’s music, please have it on a USB & get it to me ASAP when I arrive. Fair enough?

Do you take requests at our reception?

Of course. I put out a ‘Request Book’ on one of the subbies, with plenty of pens & even announce early in the event, if you like, that I welcome them. However, understand: while I carry 75,000+ cuts, I don’t have ‘everything ever recorded’. ‘Standards’ from the 50’s forward, yes. EVERYTHING Country-Rock-Pop-Urban from last 3-5 years: yes. But if someone asks for ie: Blues Traveler, unless you requested me to bring it: no. Or Twiddle. LOL. That being said, if any guests yells out ‘Free Bird’ & you approve it, I’m cool.

Do you make announcements?

Yes. ‘Master of Ceremonies’ (MC) duties are S.O.P. You & I will work on a Wedding Day Planner that will include all announcements, introductions, etc. The rest of the time:  Ijust shut up & rock the floor. Butalways have a mic/stand setup, right next to me, just in case.

Do you use strobes?

Between folks with certain nerve disorders or eyesight/health issues: NO.

Can you stay later than planned?

No. Only kidding…I hate going home. In general, it’s $250/hour for overtime. If I’m more than two hours from home, chances are I made plans to stay nearby, via AirBnB room to keep costs down. But if I didn’t & you want to rock till the wee hours, I’ll have to find a local room at your expense or if your event is at a hotel or B+B or venue with rooms, get me one. I’ll then play till sunup. No kidding. But if I do, you owe me breakfast, too! LOL

What time do you arrive to setup?

2 to 2.5 to 3 hours early to setup & sound check & brush my teeth, change clothes, etc. I’ve already, by that time, shared your ‘Itinerary’ (printed versions) that I’ve worked on with you ahead of time with the photographer, caterer, venue manager. Then I check with you, via cell or text, if there’s any last-minute changes or additions to ie: intros, toasts, etc.

Can you play my Ceremony without power?

Funny you ask…up here in Vermont, playing so many weddings under tents & ‘summits’ of ski resorts, often are asked to play the ‘Ceremony’ music, plus have a microphone/stand, without power. No problem: I have a very special, battery powered PRO system, incl/wireless mic or lapel mics, that I  can roll over to your ceremony location. And it’s not some little junky portable boombox, it’s an JBL system, 12″ Main, plenty of power (400 watts) of quality sound. What I also bring with it is a separate ‘DJ Stand’ which I use strictly for ‘remote’ ceremony locations & of course, a DJ setup to play your songs (welcoming, wedding party entrance, bride’s entrance, recessional and as well, if the cocktail party is at the Ceremony location, music for that too!)

About Covid 19

I am fully vaxed, now & plan to be in the future. Since 30-40 days per year I am exposed to wedding (event) guests from all over the USA (& often the world), I am very careful about 'contact' & testing after an event. If I work on Friday, I am testing on Sunday. If I work a double, I test two days after the first event. I am not concerned nor care if you and/or your guests are 'anti-vaxers', I follow my own regimen.  You will often see me cleaning my hands at events with a pump bottle of anti-bacterial solution. I have it in my truck, my home, my studio & use it vicariously.

Should I test positive, I then wait 12 hours & re-test and if positive again, I will inform you of that. I will then advise it's unsafe for me to play at your event & direct you to different DJ booking sites to find a replacement. While 4-5 days is tight, I get the same calls, all the time, from venues & brides/grooms that 'our DJ had to cancel'. I don't ask why, but if I can fill in, I do.

While Vermont is one of the lowest per capita states for Covid cases & Covid deaths, the USA averages 40 per day so far this year. That's 1200/month. And just last week, I received a call from a bride that 'her father tested positive AFTER he traveled (on a plane) back to his home, in another state. So everyone was informed & I advised her to call the venue too.

I plan on doing everything I can NOT to be one of the 40 or so people to die tomorrow in the United States of America. If that's an issue for you I suggest you find another DJ.