Our Wedding Day

Let’s talk about the ‘glamorous’ life of a ‘Mobile DJ’ on ‘Wedding Day”.

· We have to ‘load’ all the equipment, which needs to be stored safely & correctly (temperature wise) into a truck. Time? 30 minutes…or so…

· We have to drive TO the Wedding venue. Now…’an hour’ is like ‘around the block’ for us in Vermont. But let’s say it’s an hour drive, so…sixty minutes.

· We have to ‘unload’ & ‘setup’ our equipment. (‘loadin’). 75 minutes, at best. 90-120 minutes, minimum, if we’re setting up for a ‘Ceremony’ location, separate from the Reception. Oh, and sound check both locations.

· Now, you cannot ‘wear’ your event outfit (whatever that is) to the event & during the setup, so…you have to have time to head to a private spot, freshen up a bit, brush your teeth, and change into your ‘event outfit’.

· We ‘play’, for five hours, average.

· Now…change out of our ‘event wear’. Breakdown the equipment. Load the truck. (‘LoadOut’) 60-75 minutes

· Drive home, 60 minutes.

· Unload the truck into storage, so add on another 30 minutes.

So…..above = 11+ hours.

Where’s the ‘fun’? Maybe the two hours AFTER dinner, during dancing. The rest of the day: work. Plain & simple.

For an ie: $2000-2500 five-hour wedding, folks have remarked & they are allowed their ‘observation’, that ‘You make $400-500 an hour’.

Really? Not. More like less than $150-200-250/hour.

Now, make that a two- hour commute. 13+ hour workday & driving home at 11 or midnight or 1 AM, AFTER the ‘loadout’.

Sure, nice ‘per hour pay’, except…don’t overlook:

· Fuel

· Insurance for the truck

· Liability insurance. We provide a Liability Certificate to your venue.

· Cost of legal music, per month/year: we don’t ‘scrape’ music, it’s all direct from the Artists’ labels.

· Audio & lighting equipment cost & repairs/replacement when needed

· 1-2-3 hours working with y’all ahead of time on the planner & sourcing your music, no matter the genre, decade, artist, language, that we may not ‘have’.

Not quite as ‘sexy’ as it all sounds, from the ‘outside’ is it? Oh, and lugging all that equipment into the truck, out of the truck, into the venue, setup, breakdown (loadin/loadout): not ‘sexy’ nor fun.

Just figured you might want to know WHY we might charge a bit extra for ‘travel time’ over 60 miles, folks. And why we insist our clients pay for a ‘room’ for us to stay over at their event if it’s 2+ hour commute, in case you want to party into the night. And so that we may arrive earliy in day, loadin, freshen up, etc. & drive home safely the next day, if needed.